Traffic law

We take over the entire claims processing for you with the opposing liability insurance:

After a traffic accident, the injured party is often particularly challenged, especially since the opposing liability insurance company has nothing to give away and therefore often will not regulate what the injured party is actually entitled to after having suffered liability damage.

With our specialization in traffic law, we guarantee you an ideal representation of interests, enforcement of claims and defense.

  • Claims settlement with the insurance company

    Enforcement of claims for damages

    ➤ Determination of the extent of damage by our motor vehicle experts as cooperation partners

    ➤ Reimbursement of repair costs or replacement costs for an equivalent vehicle, impairment, costs of the report, loss of use,

    ➤ Rental vehicle, and much more

    ➤ Assistance in selecting an external expert

    ➤ Assistance in the selection of a suitable repair shop

  • Enforcement of claims for pain and suffering and other claims

    ➤ Pain compensation

    ➤ Replacement of your loss of earnings

    ➤ Reimbursement of medical treatment costs – if health insurance does not materialize

    ➤ Reimbursement of spa treatment costs

    Retraining measures

    Orthopedic aids

    ➤ Replacement of budgetary damage

    ➤ Assumption of maintenance obligations