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  • Responsible tasks

  • Plenty of room for initiative and independence

  • Modern workplaces

  • Flat career hierarchy

  • Great opportunities for advancement

Send us your application documents according to your personal design requirements and without adhering to external formal requirements by e-mail.

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With us you not only get a modern job in the heart of Berlin, but also a reasonable starting salary with regular salary increases.


Partner in Berlin, Germany

We look forward to new strong partners and investors.


Employment as a lawyer (in Berlin)

Apply for employment as a lawyer.


Employment as a legal assistant (in Berlin)

Apply for employment as a legal assistant and support our lawyers in handling demanding tasks. Become an irreplaceable part of our team and work with us on the success of our law firm. You will not only develop financially with us, but also professionally.


Employment as an office manager (in Berlin)

Apply for the employment as an office manager and do important tasks in the law firm.

Your tasks include not only the organization, task management, deadline control and scheduling, but also working on sub-areas of everyday case processing.

Interpreter as a cooperation partner

We work with different interpreters.

We are looking for German-speaking synchronous interpreters for the following foreign languages: English, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese.

Apply here

External expert as a cooperation partner

We work with various experts.

We are looking for qualified experts from the following areas to provide evidence in both extrajudicial and judicial matters: automotive experts, civil engineering, engineers, architects.