Commonhold law

Residential property law

Land can be divided into apartment ownership (ownership of apartments or buildings), partial ownership (ownership of areas and rooms not used for residential purposes) and joint ownership (ownership of the common building or property) by declaration of division.

Our firm represents both property managers and owners. We also advise administrative boards and property developers.

The commonhold law or residential property law (WEG or WoEig) regulates the property and the relationship between the owners.

For example, we advise on the following important legal issues:

  • Establishment for home ownership (§§ 3 and 8 WEG)

  • Interpretation and regulation of the declaration of division or community order

  • Legal relationships between apartment owners

  • Filing or defense against an action to challenge a decision

  • Housekeeping including enforcement, especially foreclosure

  • Legal opinion

  • Advice to owners at the owners’ meeting

  • Drafting decision patterns, agreements, management contracts