Competition law

We advise on the development of advertising and marketing strategies in close cooperation with the responsible company departments and the consultants of our clients. We check the legal admissibility of marketing measures (advertising measures) and their defense against competitors or associations.

We attach particular importance to both risk analysis and the creative development of alternative concepts for our clients.

  • Advice and representation around competition law warnings

  • Advice on advertising law

    ➤ Legal support for advertising campaigns

    ➤ Delimitation in the area of surreptitious advertising

    ➤ Protection against warnings due to misleading advertising

    ➤ Protection against warnings due to violation of consumer protection regulations (e.g. right of withdrawal)

  • Enforcement of injunctive relief and compensation claims (contractual penalty)

  • Defense or enforcement of warnings, e.g. at

    ➤ Warnings for violations of unfair competition

    ➤ Privacy policy

    ➤ advertising, etc.

  • Checking websites, such as homepages, online shops or social media profiles, for violations of competition

  • Legal representation before civil courts

    ➤ Drafting and filing of a protective document

    ➤ Application for or defense against an injunction

    ➤ Initiation and representation in the main judicial proceedings